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5 Essential Advantages ReactJS Brings To The Startup World

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01 February 2021


From its beginnings, ReactJS was built to simplify and accelerate coding. To say it has succeeded would be an understatement. Being used by over half of developers on a global basis is just a basic statistic: Front-End Web developers have experienced a revolution in coding, learning new ways to code and bringing quality applications to the market.

As a company, we’ve always been focused on bringing the best intelligence and practices for startups and burgeoning companies looking to optimize their software development process. ReactJS is an essential library for programmers, thanks to its compact structure which favors easier coding practices for engaging tech. Over the years, we’ve seen how it has evolved from an error detector in ads for Facebook to a giant with an even more immense community of developers. It’s imperative then to bring you the best assets React has to offer for your software development team:

Simple & Essential Scaling

ReactJS is the second most used framework in the world. Part of the reasoning behind its popularity is the fact that it allows for simple UI design through its component-based architecture. Each well-designed functionality is stored in your app’s library, foregoing any further modifications. Through the essential deconstruction of its individual components, it provides a high level of abstraction that ensures component reusability.

Think of a payment app or a website. Without component-based architecture, you’d need to develop from scratch altogether every time you needed a new landing page or a small adjustment. Through this framework, the build-up is already configured, allowing you to scale your app at your leisure.

That’s what ReactJS offers: Simplification.

“No New Features”

Speed is a good option, but excellent results are better. ReactJS is not only useful due to its scalability potential but also because it updates itself at a gradual pace. Through its “no new features” iteration, React ditched its all-or-nothing approach of forcing devs to choose between sticking with older versions or upgrading to newer ones. It allows people to upgrade their apps piece by piece.

Developers no longer have to worry about updating from React 17 to 18 on a whim. They can take their time and find what works best for them – which, evidently works wonders for those in the startup world who prefer a more focused approach to their dev cycles.


Hermes was announced last year as the standard engine for every React app. It’s optimized especially for resource-constrained devices, allowing for an easier development process. In the startup world, this becomes crucial.

By being able to precompile bytecode ahead of time, it saves on developer time consumption that would otherwise be spent on app startup. To simplify matters even more, ReactJS has provided its users with helpful enablement instructions in order to maximize its use.

SEO Functionalities

Through dynamic rendering, ReactJS provides SEO-friendly functionalities as long as they were properly implemented during the early development phases. Startups looking for a boost in PR and engagement can have a simplified pipeline by reducing some of the marketing work thanks to this feature.

When paired with its component-based architecture, it means you have at your disposal a stable code that allows you to modify at your own discretion – facilitating your SEO capabilities by default.

One Of The Largest Communities In The World

As previously mentioned, React’s community boasts the second-highest numbers in the developer world – not bad for such a recent piece of framework. This means that the React website is consistently being updated and modified in order to accommodate a large number of developers across the globe.

With this in mind, you have in your hands a library that simplifies and helps you scale whatever goal you set out to achieve while enjoying ample access to a vast array of resources meant to fit all types of developer demographics.

It has become evident that React’s potential as a powerhouse in the app development market is well beyond proven. Its scalability functions, mixed with an attention to detail that also allows for resource-constrained equipment means that startups won’t be hassled by legacy APIs or lack of access to higher functionalities. We know that ReactJS will continue to iterate even better versions that are currently available while ensuring that developers have a say in what they choose to work with.

Similarly to ReactJS, we aim to provide services for those companies and developers looking for quality solutions and optimized software development process. We’ve been 20 years in the market doing just that – if you need further assistance, be sure to contact us and let our nearshore outsourcing process help you break the startup mold.

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